Demands for tramadol

Tramadol demand has increased over the last two decades for treating non-cancer patients, erectile dysfunction, and other chronic conditions. Mainly regions such as Northern America, European states, and Australia contains major opioid users, especially Tramadol consumers. Health-sector professionals located in these countries prefer to prescribe Tramadol to cure prolonged muscular disorders.

Why has the demand increased?

Physicians want to recommend safe medications that have less potential for addiction or dependency, such as Tramadol. It is comparatively safer than other fellow opioid medications. 

Since the time, FDA has slotted Tramadol under class IV of scheduled substance; doctors are highly prescribing it for non-bearable painful conditions.

This article will help you identify the factor influencing the increase in Tramadol use across the globe. 

The utilization of medication depends upon:

  • Curative potential
  • Users trust
  • Accessibility 

Countries have different pharmaceutical regulations depending upon the abuse and mistreat of drugs and pain optimization ability of the opioid medication. In the case of Tramadol, most countries like the USA, UK, and Australia use this medicine due to its high potency in helping patients to deal with neck, back, and spine pain. 


It is mainly used as an anti-depressant among adults to deal with anxiety and depression due to its ability to develop euphoric and sedative feeling within patients.

Dentists also trust Tramadol for tooth pain; they prefer to delegate short-term tramadol courses for their users suffering from wisdom toothache.

Another factor initiating an increase in tramadol demand is its easy accessibility. You may find this medicinal drug not only in-store but also at e-pharmacy. Online pharmacists help you get your dose delivered at your door-step within few business days, or if you are looking for immediate delivery, then the overnight tramadol option is the best for restricted mobile users.


Yearly characteristics of Tramadol users in optimizing pain management

A few trusted sources have taken their valuable time to analyze and identify the causes for the increasing demand for Tramadol worldwide. They carried out the study based on the following parameters:

  • Dose and time-span of opioid prescription
  • Yearly utilization of opioids for medicinal purpose
  • Number of supply days of opioids annually

The outcome was resulted and measured in accordance with recovery patients and less mistreat ratio. In the year 2016, the annual usage of opioids was raised by 10 units. A greater hike was found in patients with the non-cancer disorder. This rise in yearly opioid usage in both cancer and non-cancer patients was head by Tramadol.

Increase in the misuse of Tramadol in Egypt and UAE

Demand is not only measured based on appropriate use and prescription. Sometimes, demand is also increased due to the abusers and other ethical practices.

Let us see how abusers use Tramadol for non-medicinal purposes, which led to an increase in demand.

Tramadol is available under brand names such as Tramax, Trama IR, Amadol, Tramal, Ultadol and Contramal. Its misuse has been revealed in Egyptian states over the last five years.

Tramadol is related to a broad range of illegal use and mistreats despite its being a scheduled substance due to its easy accessibility at a cheaper cost through street vendors and NPOP.

It is a popular drug among adults and young people. It plays a vital role in providing a feeling of sedation and euphoria and its therapeutic benefit in increasing orgasm and premature ejaculation. 

The problem of misuse is not only limited to Egypt; instead, it is found in neighboring nations such as Israel and UAE. Some of the suppliers were found taking Tramadol across the tunnels in Gaza’s state through the neighborhood. 

Tramadol has the properties that help release psychometric sensations, which allow those in stress, anxiety, tension, or headache. It also helps in fighting depression and stomach pain.

Although, it has received approval from FDA and has been listed as a safe analgesic. But the manufacturers have started deviating pharmaceutical activity by not including weaker narcotic components at the time of manufacturing, leading to an increase in the overriding effect of Tramadol on the psychological level.


Rogue Pharmacy responsible for Tramadol abuse

Rogue pharmacists are another contributor to the increasing demand for this medicine. They act like dirty fish in the pond responsible for circulating Tramadol for non-medical usage. The rise of e-pharmacy is evolving day by day; rogue pharmacists are also adding in numbers. 

Social media and websites are a great source of connecting with people globally and conducting business. However, some of them make inappropriate use of modern technology.

A recent study has shown that most abusers belong to a young group of people who use social media to get Tramadol. Rogue pharmacists are using the website and claiming to be a verified vendor, which they aren’t.

They even sell medicines online via website or social media without prescription and take bulk orders. Such practice instigates abusers to buy drugs easily without following any legal guidelines. 

Local street vendors getting Tramadol illegally

Street vendors are another tier of illegal opioids consumption. They are a new addition to offline and online sources of trading Tramadol. Local vendors sell Tramadol at a significantly cheaper rate without any insurance. 

They source medications that are not produced illegally, which can be harmful to an individual’s health. If a person consumes Tramadol from street vendors, there are chances of facing fatal issues due to its contaminated components. 

The medication has no information or instructions displayed on the blister. Sometimes they even sell expired tablets. 

For abusers, street vendors are the go-to person to acquire soothing feelings, which is not suitable for their physical and mental well-being.

Unemployed youth getting into business to earn easy money

Due to pandemic, many companies have shut down; unemployed people are shifting their way from offline to online business. To start an online business or to be a distributor of any product is easy.

Social media and online websites are highly indulged in selling Tramadol at a lower rate without the doctor’s prescription. You only need to invest in a domain and hosting and start with your e-commerce website. 

A similar scenario is applicable in the case of tramadol supply too. Most of the adults are shipping Tramadol and other opioids class of drugs domestically and internationally without prescription. They are not duly registered, nor FDA approves them. 

Tramadol is a prescription-based medication; the consumer needs to submit a prescription before getting it. But, such unethical businesses do not follow any legal guidelines to earn money quickly.

Hence, it is advisable always to consult your physician whenever you are sick, take a valid prescription from your doctor, visit your authentic online or offline pharmacists, and verify their authority before placing your order. 

And also, make sure to refer to exact dose recommendations given by your healthcare expert. Do not exceed or decrease the dose regimen without your doctor’s concern. Your health is your responsibility own it to live a healthy life.


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