Difference between Xanax and Ultram

Difference between Xanax and Ultram

While Ultram 50mg is the most popular brand of generic Tramadol, a synthetic analgesic (Pain Reliever), Xanax, a brand generic Alprazolam, is the best medication to treat anxiety disorder and panic attack.

The differences between Ultram and Xanax are mentioned below:

Prescription Only DrugsPrescription only drugs
You can Buy Ultram Online in cheaper rates with offers on bulk purchasesGenerics Xanax bars 2mg are available cheaper online
Strong Pain killer to treat general and nerve related pain, Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Cancer PainTreats anxiety and panic disorder, and depression.
Ultram 50mg Cause dependenceXanax bars 2mg Cause dependence
Used other than not listed in the medical guideUsed other than not listed in the medical guide
Limited side effects like nausea and sedation, blurry visionWithdrawal symptoms can be severe
Off label prescribed for Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Restless Legs Syndrome, Syringomyelia, Vulvodynia
Is addictiveIs addictive
Commonly reported side effects include: pruritus agitation anxiety constipation diarrhea hallucination nausea tremor vomiting diaphoresisCommon side effects include: ataxia cognitive dysfunction constipation difficulty in micturition drowsiness dysarthria fatigue memory impairment skin rash weight gain weight loss anxiety blurred vision diarrhea insomnia decreased libido increased appetite decreased appetite
Dosage Form(s) Available Oral capsule, extended release Oral tablet Oral tablet, extended releaseDosage Form(s) Available Oral tablet
Brand Names ConZip Tramadol Hydrochloride ER Ultram

Brand Names Alprazolam Intensol Xanax XR

Lower potential abuse as compared to substance included in Schedule IIILower potential abuse as compared to substance included in Schedule III
Tramdol in USA is accepted for medical use Accepted in Medical Use in The United States
Abuse may cause limited physical or psychological dependence as compared to the substance in Schedule IIIAbuse may cause limited physical or psychological dependence as compared to the substance in Schedule III
497 drugs are found to interact – 279 major drug interaction, 215 moderate drug interaction, and 3 minor drug interaction456 drugs are found to interact – 33 major drug interaction, 383 moderate drug interactions, and 40 minor drug interactions.
Avoid Alcohol during Ultram 50mg administrationAvoid Grapefruit and Grapefruit Juice during Xanax bars 2mg administration
Disease Interactions Gastrointestinal obstruction Acute alcohol intoxication Drug dependence Liver disease Renal dysfunction Seizure disorders Acute abdominal conditions Intracranial pressure Respiratory depression SuicidalDisease Interactions Acute alcohol intoxication Closed-angle glaucoma Drug dependence Renal/liver disease Respiratory depression Seizures Depression Obesity Paradoxical reactions
First Approval Date March 03, 1995First Approval Date October 16, 1981
Doses 25mg, 50mg, 100mgDoses 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2mg
Maximum dose in a day 400mg for adults, 300mg for elderlyMaximum dose in a day 4mg

What schedule class are Ultram and Xanax?

Both Ultram and Xanax section IV controlled substance under the Controlled Substance Act of the FDA. Usually using the two together is not recommended until otherwise prescribed by a doctor. The effects of having Xanax and Ultram (Tramadol Brand) together may cause multiplied drug effect, or interactions, or cause high so much so that it may become life-threatening. There are less severe pain medications when you are on Xanax.

So that was all XANAX vs ULTRAM for you.

Xanax 1mg Pillultram 50mg

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