History of tramadol

Origin: Grunenthal Gmbh – a German-based pharmaceutical company, was first to synthesize and find Tramadol in 1962. Later in 1977, it was formulated and officially introduced as the pain reliever in the market. In 1990, it expanded across countries such as the UK, US, Sweden, and Australia as a chronic pain reliever.

The mechanism on the peripheral nervous system: Tramadol has its agent performing centrally on the nervous system. It has the analgesic acting with weak opioid agonist and inhibition of norepinephrine and serotonin uptake.

Medical genuine uses

For a decade, Tramadol has been suggested as the first choice of pain-killer for numerous chronic conditions. The Veteran Health Administration of Defense – USA found Tramadol a therapeutically effective second-line treatment for fibromyalgia. It has captured the market presence for twenty consecutive years for treating short and prolonged muscular pain

  • In 2006, Tramadol was designated as the First choice of Prescription for treating acute spinal and back pain in Europe. Many health-care practitioners have preferred it as a curative medication for unbearable pain.
  • Also, European League Against Rheumatism has labeled this medication as the best muscle relaxant pain for osteoarthritis.
  • American Geriatrics Society Panel has highlighted that Tramadol can be considered for older adults in treating their musculoskeletal disorder with lesser life-threatening risks. They have recognized the efficiency of using Tramadol for managing chronic pain conditions. 
  • Apart from these legal bodies ‘ acclamation, Tramadol is a renowned medication for treating Erectile Dysfunction. Individuals who suffer from Low Libido and lower sex drive can consume this medicine with their physician’s approval for improving orgasm and better health.
  • Physicians also recommend it for people struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, tension, or headache as it contains soothing properties that help an individual stay calm and relaxed. It is also efficient for refractory restless legs disorder that usually strikes when a person falls asleep during nighttime. 

On the other hand, which has listed Tramadol as step two analgesics to treat cancer patient’s pain. Several nations are listing it as an essential medicine. The figures extracted from the manufacturer’s records state that 11,758 million Tramadol were used globally from 1990 – 2009. 

Demand for Tramadol is increasing day by day, as the internet has taken over the world in every aspect. The sale of Tramadol has accelerated a lot since the time of origin. It has extended to a level that the FDA has reserved a website section for buying medicines online.

Even pharmacist has shifted from offline to online mode. Approximately 32,500 pharmacists strive to promote people’s health legally and hold a vision for a healthy nation.

Thus, Tramadol is the appropriate opioid choice-generating multiple modal effects, having positive action on healing painful conditions.

Abuse of the drugs

Tramadol is usually considered a medication with a lower potential for misuse relative to other opioids and morphine; however, the abusive range depends on tramadol overdose. It is composed of chemical properties and narcotic substances that may create dependency or addiction if used unethically.  


The relationship between Tramadol and abuse seems to be controversial. However, it demonstrates an agonist effect but seems to be a risk for several countries. There is extending affirmation of its abuse in countries like Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Gaza, UAE, USA, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, and other Asian countries. People are suffering from seizures and epilepsy after taking tramadol.


Therefore, as end consumers, it’s our responsibility to seek advice from healthcare service providers and follow the instructions given by them religiously. It would be best if you tried to have initial doses of 25-50 mg, and after that, as per the need, your dose requirement can be increased gradually. This would help you to minimize adverse effects.


Also, along with medicinal therapy, you should pay attention to having a healthy meal and other alternative therapies such as yoga or physiotherapy to attain faster health recovery.

Schedule Drug

On 18th August 2014, the DEA has formally placed tramadol into the Controlled Substances Act schedule IV drug class. Many physicians consider this medication only for severe cases which are not treated by other opioids.


Different states have executed their own laws to control the abusive rates of tramadol in their nation. UK and USA have designated tramadol under limited use. This has led to a decrease in adverse effects.


Severe reactions of curative utilization of Tramadol include drowsiness, nausea, headache, dry mouth, stomach upset, sweating, palpitations, hypotension, respiratory depression, hallucinations, anxiety, epilepsy. The severity of the effects depends upon the quantity and mode of consumption. 


Opiates tend to make the respiratory process sensitive which may result in decreased pulse rate and tidal volume. Such a scenario has been observed in overdose cases of Tramadol. However, if a person consumes for a therapeutic reason, it might prevent respiratory depression. 


Considering its safety, milder side-effects, tolerability, and efficacy, Tramadol is classified as a reliable medication for muscular disorder and nerve compression syndrome. As such, no significant toxicity was found in Tramadol, and it also provides more efficiency in blocking pain sensation.


Overall, Tramadol has captured the pharmaceutical market for the past 30 years with proven results for about five billion patients.

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