T7 pills

T7 pill is nothing but a Tramadol hydrochloride oral tablet. It is a white, round-shaped pill with an M T7 imprint, and the size is around 8 mm.


The National Drug Code (NDC) of these tablets is 003784151 that identifies a package of 100 pills film-coated in a plastic bottle.


It is a prescription-only drug and sold under various brand names such as ConZip, Qdolo, Ultram, etc.


What is the T7 Pill?

The T 7 pill is identified as a white pill circular in shape engraved with alphabet ‘M’ & ‘T and numerical ‘7’ imprinted. It contains hydrochloride salt properties, which makes it bitter in taste with a lot of medicinal value.

 It is one of the renowned pain-killer in the United States. It is derived from its generic component known as Tramadol, the 25th most commonly recommended medication in the USA.

 T7 pill has the potential to cure severely moderate discomfort and chronic conditions. You may find it in oral form (immediate-release as well as extended-release) and also is given in the form of an injection. 

It is one of the renowned pain-killer in the United States. It is derived from its generic component known as Tramadol, the 25th most commonly recommended medication in the USA.

 T7 pill has the potential to cure severely moderate discomfort and chronic conditions. You may find it in oral form (immediate-release as well as extended-release) and also is given in the form of an injection. 

Who makes it?

Mylan Pharmaceuticals obtained the FDA’s approval to manufacture an abbreviated version of Tramadol Hydrochloride 50 mg in the new drug known as T7 Pill – in the year June 21, 2002, at Pittsburgh. 

Mylan’s is one of the supreme pharmaceutical sector companies that produces and markets brand and tenure pharmaceutical products. The medicinal products of Mylan’s belong to the generic class of R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Institute.  

What are its alternative?

Various patients are allergic to certain medications and pharmaceutical drugs. It may interfere with their prevailing medical history or medications that they are already being administered for other diseases such as heart disease. Such patients may need alternatives to Tramadol.

  • Codeine is a well-renowned medicine consumed for pain relief to suppress moderate pains. It is also used to treat post-operative pains in patients. 
  • Codeine is naturally produced from extracts that are procured from poppy plants. It’s also commonly used as a cough suppressant. 
  • However, due to its common tendency to be misused, it is only available in the market on prescription.
  • Another opioid that alters the way your brain interprets pain is administered for moderate or severe pain, specifically short-term pain. 
  • It’s considered an advance on Tramadol in the medical industry, according to various studies. However, the risks involved increase too; thus, a trusted doctor should administer it only for safety concerns.

What is Tramadol Hydrochloride 50 mg Dosage?

Tramadol medicine is available in various dose quantities such as 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg, and 300 mg. Generally, 50 mg and 100 mg have maximum demand worldwide.


In 2018, tramadol had more than 24 million prescriptions in painkillers, and it became one of the most prescribed medicine by doctors in the United States.

What is Tramadol Hydrochloride 50 mg Used for?

Tramadol is a narcotic drug that gives relief from acute or chronic pain in moderate or severe conditions. Some health-care specialists also prescribe it as a second-line treatment of fibromyalgia (widespread muscle pain conditions).


Tramadol is an effective drug but not the correct medicine for a child younger than 12 years and a pregnant/breastfeeding woman. Do not drink alcohol while taking T7 pills.

T7 Pill Benefits

Best Tramadol is available in generic medications and also with other brand names. T7 pill is one of them whose suppliers are Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. These pills are costly than the generic medicines, but the benefits are the same due to the same drug formulation.

You can use T7 pills for neck pain, back pain, any pain due to surgery or injury. Many doctors prescribe generic tramadol in combination with acetaminophen (paracetamol) for pain relaxation. 

T7 Pill Side Effects

The abuse of tramadol brings side-effects that depend on the health condition of the patient. Some of the issues are serious but rare. People who have any previous medical problem might face the following-

● Blurred Vision             

● Chest Pain

● Seizure

● Diarrhea

● Skin Rashes

● Heartburn

● Drowsiness

● Vertigo

● Headache

● Nausea

● Dry Mouth

● Constipation


T7 side effect

Is The T7 Pill available near you?

If you suffer from unusual pain and the doctor prescribes you T7 pills, you can find them at the nearest pharmacy. You can also find these pills online by showing your prescription.

The only thing you need to take care of is street medicine.


Do not buy street medicine even if the sellers are known to you. Those medicines are not reliable as they might not contain active ingredients or may cause harm to your health.

Precautions to be taken

These are the precautions that needed to be taken before you take the T7 Pill.

  • Before taking medicine, it’s your responsibility to inform your doctor of any allergies you have. Your doctor should be well informed of your medical history. 
  • The T7 Pill may induce feelings of drowsiness and dizziness in certain people. Consumption of cannabis and alcohol may increase the chances of being affected by dizziness after taking the medication. 
  • It is recommended after consumption of T7 not to perform any task that may require a high level of alertness unless it is safe to carry out. 
  • T7 may also interfere with the QT Prolongation (Heart Rhythm) of patients who have specific heart problems, and thus, your physician should be informed of the heart disease beforehand if such a case prevails.
  • Before children are administered a dosage of this particular drug, it should be considered that kids are more sensitive to a few of the severe side effects, including shallow breathing or excessive sleepiness.
  • Pregnant women should use this medication only when prescribed and indeed needed. This drug may affect the breast milk of a mother, which, when fed to her infant, may have specific effects such as trouble in breathing or unusually in the pattern of the infant’s sleep.


Can You Get the T7 Pill Without a Prescription?

Tramadol is a potent opioid, and it can be habit-forming if you take an overdose. It also has a few side effects and risk factors. Hence, FDA has included it in Schedule 4 of the Controlled Substance Act.


It can become addictive after prolonged use. Therefore, it has regulations, and the sellers cannot sell T7 pills without a prescription for safety purposes.

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