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Tramadol 100 mg helps relieve the pain sensations ranging from moderate to severe intensity. It belongs to an opioid class of medication. It operates by changing how the nervous system and brain respond to ache.

The extended-release capsules and tablets are recommended for those who require a prescription to attain recovery around-the-clock. The oral dose recommendation of 100 mg is repetitive after every four to six hours for better results. 

In adults,100 mg Tramadol absorbs rapidly after single or multiple doses. The sustainability of plasma concentration stays maximum up to 1.6 hours, possessing high tissue affinity. 


Tramal plays a vital role in pain management. It provides a kind of pain therapy due to its dual-action. Apart from its proven clinical results, it is also considered a safe drug with a lesser impact on respiratory depression, cardiovascular disorder, and misuse or abuse of drugs than other opioids. It has a unique mode of action, which is distinguished from the rest of opioids.

The mechanism of both monoaminergic and opioid engages in pain signal transmission. It may also restrain norepinephrine and serotine uptake, which helps analgesic contribution by blocking the pain at the spinal level.

It is an effective drug for treating different levels of pain intensity, including neuropathic and rheumatological pain. The additional benefit of Tramadol is that it does not overlap with other NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) when combined with them.


Tramadol HCL 100mg tablets are effective in managing post-operative pain after surgery. It is also proficient in treating patients with poor cardiopulmonary function, especially for the elderly, smokers, obese, and patients with gastrointestinal and renal function.

It may also be prescribed for patients with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs but with caution. Oral Ultram has well tolerance rate in peri-operative cases. Also, it is widely used for patients dealing with a chronic musculoskeletal disorder.


The doctor will recommend you to buy tramadol online It has come in a 100mg tablet or a liquid form. For long-lasting effects, extended-release tablets or capsules are the best oral option. The usual tablet and liquid may be taken after every 4-6 hours as needed with or without food. It is advisable to consume the medication at the same time every-day.

It is essential to follow the instructions given by your doctor, do not increase or decrease a single dose without the doctor’s concern as it may result in severe side-effects. Therefore, it is suggested to take medications as directed by your physician.


In the USA, the most popular brand names for Tramadol are Ultram, Tramadol 377, Ultram ER, and ConZip. You may find Tramadol by both trade and generic names.

The manufacturers of this chronic pain medication are as follows:

  • Grunenthal GmbH
  • Purdue Pharma Products Lp
  • Actavis Elizabeth Llc
  • Mundipharma Hexal AG
  • Victory Pharma Inc.
  • Actavis Elizabeth Llc
  • Amneal Pharmaceutical Llc
  • Apotex Inc
  • Teva Pharmaceutical
  • Mallinckrodt and others

You may find the drug primarily available in the proportion of 50mg, 100mg immediate-release, 200mg, 300mg extended-release, liquid drops, lyophilized powder, and injectable solutions. Tramadol works well when consumed as a standalone medicine.

Tramadol SR 100mg tablets are clinically used to treat acute and long-term chronic pain conditions by various physicians. It has multiple formulations with a blend of efficacy and low abuse potential for prolonged therapy. As compared to other opioid analgesics, Ultram is more efficient in treating muscular pain. The dependence rate is also minimal with Tramadol HCL tablets.



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