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Privacy Policy

We understand that there could be concerns regarding privacy which is why has gone one step further in keeping your information as secure as possible.

We understand you need for personal security and respect it. Here, we acknowledge that fact and assure you that all of the information that you enter on this website will remain in our databases only where it will be secure.


We keep track of your web information and store it on a folder on our server by the name of ‘cookies’. This contains things like how much time you spent on a particular page, your IP address, your entry and exit time stamps, as well as your computer location. If you are not willing to share this data that is auto collected, you can request to turn off the cookies.

Consumer Rights

If ever you want to view the information that you have submitted to use and see the way we store it, you can ask for the same. Also, you can print out the privacy page and in the event you feel that your information is being misused, you can take action.

Editing the Privacy Policy

We hold the rights to update and make any changes to this privacy policy without making any prior notices. We request that you view this Privacy Policy page from time to time to stay updated with what’s going on. If we have your contact information with us since you provided it for any queries you may have had, you will be updated of any significant change in the privacy policy via email.

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